Interested in Investing in the Next Generation of Conversational AI?

Our Mission

Titan X is building proprietary context-based Natural Language Understanding technology to power the world’s smoothest customer experiences. From qualifying leads for real estate investors to transforming customer service in the largest industries, our technology will do it all, and will get smarter with each new challenge we tackle.


TitanX was founded to fulfill the following vision: Making a difference in the world and putting a dent in the universe by building technologies that increase the quality of life and decrease the cost for everyone by eliminating expensive and repetitive administrative tasks with intelligent technologies.


We’re a collection of creative individuals who bring an innovative and contrarian view to the status quo of how AI is viewed, built, and designed. We are looking for someone who loves variety and can stay focused functioning in a high-level dynamic environment. Someone who can work remotely with autonomy over your respective domain and with other developers to create a high-quality product.


Our team has had 20,000+ conversations with sellers and has wholesaled over 100 properties in just 18 months. In addition, we have extensive experience in leading software development life cycle.

Our Team

The Titan X team consists of developers, data scientists, and industry experts who are committed to building innovative, world-class products that create the smoothest customer experiences. We were founded in 2019 and are committed to excellence, authenticity and ethical growth.

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